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New Dawn by Lawrence Coulson

New Dawn by Lawrence Coulson
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Lawrence Coulson
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Giclee On Board
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With Slip
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762 x 762 mm

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Fishermen and farmers look to the skies before they look to the televisual weather channels to determine just what climmatical conditions are set to come to pass, relying heavily on historical signs gifted to us from Mother Nature. But it’s not just those who habitually work the land or trawl the seas around our coastlines that get to witness these recurrent miracles every 24 hours or so as they look toward the heavens for direction, as we all do; providing we rise and shine early enough to take in such breathtaking, naturally-occurring scenery.

For those who do or don’t, you can always rely on Lawrence Coulson to relay this information, illustratively and emotionally, courtesy of the much-celebrated contemporary landscape artist’s widely-regarded compositional take on all things bright and beautiful (although not so many creatures, great or small). Coulson’s very latest visual masterpiece which perpetuates his graphic standing still further is fittingly entitled, ‘New Dawn’, and as you can see pictorially centres on the anticipatory unfolding of a fresh day. Released this Autumn 2014 as part of his brand new mini-series, this limited edition, artist-signed giclee on board number is available to order through us right now. 

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