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Marcus With Hat And Cigarette by Fabian Perez

Marcus With Hat And Cigarette by Fabian Perez
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by Fabian Perez
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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Board Only
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229 x 305 mm
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Stars of the silver screen and those that graced the pages of all the best fashion magazine were rarely seen without one. Icons, pin-ups and role models would forever be filmed, photographed or caught on canvas sporting one.

Hats, yes, to a point, but we’re talking about the modern scourge of society, the cigarette. The cigarette was the most important prop in any aspirational young man’s wardrobe, and if he were to be taken seriously in his professional life, then the cigarette would never be far from his lips.

Society’s perceptions may have gone full circle in recent decades, yet there’s no denying Fabian Perez’s composition of Marcus would be a little less, well, cool, were he not to be seen salaciously drawing on the scourge of contemporary lifestyle.

The lit end of said cigarette being the only infusion of colour other than the stone cold greys, turgid browns, reticent pastel white and searing blacks ever present on this overtly stylish, uber sophisticated artistic signs of the time. 

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