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Beryl Cook
Beryl was born in1926 in Egham, Surrey, England, one of four sisters. She showed no early promise, nor did she have the benefit of any formal art training. In fact the on .... more
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Carol Gillan
Carol was born in Lancashire in 1961 and studied art in Brighton. After working as an illustrator on a variety of projects she finally decided to devote herself to a care .... more
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Caroline Shotton
Widely-acknowledged for her wacky, yet intrinsically detailed and unequivocally admired compositions that place cows in surreal contexts, be they of a political, historic .... more
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Coplu is a Turkish-born contemporary artist who has his mother to thank for teaching him the rudiments of art, or at least some of the key components facilitated across m .... more
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Helen Rhodes
Some cottage industries remain just that. A semi-business concern, entrenched in personal pleasure rather than striving for public attention and the almost inevitable com .... more
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Linda Jane Smith
Concentration and actually getting down to business can sometimes be taxing for us all, as distractions are often plentiful. If you’re a creative soul you’re not necessar .... more
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Paine Proffitt
There’s not many living, contemporary artists who can say that global singing superstar (and one fifth of Take That), Robbie Williams is a fan/owns a piece of their work. .... more
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Peter Adderley
Born in 1965 in the heart of rural North Staffordshire, situated in the Midlands, critically acclaimed contemporary coastal seascape and animal artist – and sculptor to b .... more
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Rob Hefferan
Illustratively manipulating and fettling the living architecture of the human form and function, creating otherwise so often hidden depths of skins tones and structure, R .... more
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Sarah Jane Szikora
She of plump ladies with miniscule, perspective-skewed heads and the continued adventures of almost animated gingerbread folk and various other gloriously addictive foods .... more
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Todd White
From prime-time kids TV favourite, SpongeBob SquarePants to iconic fantasy movie stalwart, The Wizard of Oz, acclaimed contemporary figurative/humourist artist, Todd Whit .... more
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Toni Goffe
The acclaimed contemporary fine artist, Toni Goffe’s story is as colourful as they get and embraces a myriad of diverse instances and elements; everything from martial ar .... more
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