Hare and Seek by Jennifer Hogwood

Hare and Seek by Jennifer Hogwood
Limited Editions of 75 - individually signed by Jennifer Hogwood
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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406 x 508 mm

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You might have thought you’d seen and hare’d it all before, regarding Jennifer Hogwood’s predilection for illustratively capturing highland cattle in a variety of fun and frivolous poses for the sake of contemporary animal humourist art; but you’d be wrong. Very wrong, in fact. As returning to her compositional fray this autumn 2017, the ever-engaging – and much collected – Hogwood is pictorially outing an altogether different visual beast, as observed in all of its glory here. ‘Hare and Seek’ focuses all of its attentions (save for the floral bit which surrounds the star of the hand-embellished and signed canvas show) on a rather characterful hare; who appears to have graphically inherited the very same degree of emotion and comeliness as Hogwood’s hitherto bovine favourites. So much so, that we’re convinced that all 75 of these 16” x 20” iterations will be snapped up before you can say, “hop it!”……. So come on. If you’re an interested party right now (and who wouldn’t be?!), don’t waste any more time deliberating, and call us to secure your copy! 

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