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Bruno Tinucci
Artwork available - Biography coming soon .... more
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Danielle O'Connor Akiyama
Biography coming soon, artwork available to buy .... more
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Emilija Pasagic
Emilija Pasagic was born in 1961 in Belgrade in the former Yugoslavia, but in 1993 she and her family moved to Canada and settled in Toronto. .... more
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TBC .... more
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John Myatt
A competent artist who never got the breaks, John Myatt might have remained a footnote on the page of art history. .... more
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Kevin Blackham
Kevin Blackham was born and brought up in a farming community in Shropshire. Kevin's artistic talent was apparent from a young age when at the age of seven he won a handw .... more
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Nel Whatmore
Nel Whatmore is currently married to the writer Mark Morris and they have two children David and Polly. Mark writes in the mornings and Nel Whatmore paints in the afterno .... more
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Rolf Harris
Although Rolf Harris is best known for his enormous TV paintings, artwork and his on-screen cartoons, he has a serious background in fine art and has exhibited at the pre .... more
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Simon Bull
Artwork available to buy - biography coming soon .... more
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Timmy Mallett
He may have swapped his ‘Mallett’s Mallet’ for ‘Mallett’s Pallette’ (sorry) yet the zany personality has picked up his career second coming in much the same fashion in wh .... more
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