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Duet by Lawrence Coulson

Duet by Lawrence Coulson
Limited Editions of 150 - individually signed by Lawrence Coulson
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508 x 508 mm

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To the uninitiated, ‘Duet’ appears as it rightly is; a beautifully crafted and charming, almost softly focused landscape piece, bathed in calming and reflective colours and projecting a potential narrative about a pair of what we assume is mating swans resting on a lake. However one of the leading exponents of his chosen contemporary landscape art field, Lawrence Coulson has crafted something entirely out of his normal illustrative comfort zone here.
Instantly identified normally by his redolent shades of large colour blocks and stream of hue and saturation conscious, on this occasion Coulson has elected to do something a little different and pictorially offbeat in this brand new, artist-signed limited edition 2014 release. Not just in terms of style and presentation but visually documented subject matter too. Yet of course it works as superbly as ever. 

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