Bluebell Dawn by John Waterhouse

Bluebell Dawn by John Waterhouse
Limited Editions of 195 - individually signed by John Waterhouse
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Giclee On Board
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Board Only
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254 x 254 mm

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By the contemporary landscape art practitioner’s very own admission, the creator of these dreamlike images has always been just that, a daydreamer. Indeed, to cement this hearsay, one of the UK’s leading fine artists, John Waterhouse concurs; “When I was a schoolboy, I spent so much time staring out of the classroom window or being lost in my own thoughts that the content of most lessons simply passed me by.” The upshot of this being, as Waterhouse , again himself adds being; “I left school at the age of sixteen with almost no worthwhile qualifications, other than a grade A pass in Art, which was the one subject I felt passionate about.” Yet none of this early learning (or conversely, not) shenanigans held the best-selling Waterhouse back in any way whatsoever, as – albeit after various other career stints – Waterhouse eventually carved out a hugely successful composition-creating career on the back of his sublime painterly talents. As if graphic proof was needed (yet nevertheless to prove an illustrative point), Waterhouse’s very latest Spring 2016 giclee on board study, entitled ‘Bluebell Dawn’ is every one of its 10” x 10” limited edition inches a current masterclass served up for your viewing/potential purchasing pleasures.


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