Blooming Love by Jennifer Hogwood

Blooming Love by Jennifer Hogwood
Limited Editions of 75 - individually signed by Jennifer Hogwood
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Hand Embellished Canvas
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610 x 610 mm

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“Bloomin’ heck, petal, it’s only the bloomin’ return of Jennifer Hogwood this autumn 2017!”cried a million and one fans of the hugely popular contemporary fine artist, as news reached them that everyone’s favourite animal humourist finds herself back in her genre limelight again this season; courtesy of her brand spanking new limited edition releases. The chorus of approval for Hogwood’s illustrative endeavours transcends entire continents, yet here appeal is set to extend even further with the imminent arrival of ‘Blooming Love’; the best-selling Hogwood’s latest hand-embellished and signed canvas iteration, which we’re now pleased as punch to say is ‘amongst us’. Prominently (and peerlessly illustratively) featuring Hogwood’s instantly recognisable highland cattle, this delightful 24” squared piece could be your in two shakes, simply by calling us today to find out more. but with just 75 examples in the offing, you best look lively to ensure you don’t go without. 

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