Apres La Repetition by Kay Boyce

Apres La Repetition by Kay Boyce
Limited Editions of 95 - individually signed by Kay Boyce
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660 x 320 mm

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Physically and emotional a spent force, her body crumpled in a heap on the rug, shattered where she last stood tall and proud, recalling her performance just gone, her ballet slippers lying behind her along with the applause and plaudits of the massed crowd, still ringing in her ears.

Every little girl might aspire to become one, yet it’s only the chosen few that achieve like the girl in contemporary figurative artist, Kay Boyce’s latest pictorial reveal seen here obviously has.

All blonde hair, ballerina dress and ruffles and the aforementioned pink, laced slippers, Boyce’s artistic performance rivals that of the ballerina’s herself, as she chooses to celebrate the spirit, fortitude, creativity and physical endurance of dance within the visual remit of this beautifully told, unassuming piece we see before us.

The detailing in the rug, those real-life skin tones, all make it look like you could reach in and touch every aspect of what we see, a tangible dream, a virtual vision.

This gregarious and beneficially-coloured foreground and centre-spread bleeds off into the ether and a creeping darkness to add a natural balance and frame to Boyce’s study and make this piece a timeless one.

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